How to Polish My Nails Perfectly and See the Results in a Minute

Introduction :

The nails are just like a miniature picture as they say. One of the important parts of the nail care is nail polish. The manicure process does not only include flawless nudes and classic reds but also with funky colors and patterns, glitter tints and many more. Meet all your different and exciting style choices to fit every occasion from everyday life to fancy one.(hook)

Nail art has taken off recently with bloggers and tutorials popping up on Pinterest every day, as well as more TV programs dedicated to edging nail art. From freehand designs, which can be challenging enough for an artist, to stencils full of glittering jewels string upon string is what you’ll find before you in the latest issue of a magazine or your online search results when searching “tutorials.” With so much available out there we thought it was important to present five amazing ways to get started in nail art no matter what style you are drawn too.(thumbnail)

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Nail Polish Types

Brittle nail material can be caused by a variety of illnesses, so it is important to check with a doctor.

People with brittle nails often complain about them breaking easily and sometimes inexplicably. Dry skin also can make nails brittle and course. Generally, medical conditions such as hypothyroidism or side effects from medicine like psoriasis medications can result in brittle nails.

People may also develop brittle nail syndrome from frostbite affecting structures within the nail, or weakening it by the use of harsh nail polish removers or through trauma injuries to the fingers near the nails which may sometimes lead to dissolution of the keratin layer on top of the nails.

20 Types Of Nail Polish Finishes :

  • Sheer Finish
  • Matte Finish
  • Metallic Finish
  • Glitter Finish
  • Chrome Finish
  • Textured Finish
  • Duochrome Finish
  • Holographic Finish
  • Pearl Finish
  • Jelly Finish
  • Suede Finish
  • Neon Finish
  • Iridescent Finish
  • Flakes Finish
  • Glass Finish
  • Thermal Finish
  • Satin Finish
  • Shattered Finish
  • Glow In The Dark Finish

Nail Care Maintenance

Our nails often tell a story. What you might see is how your nail beds might be drying out or fragile nails can offer insights into high levels of manicure chemicals which can, over time, increase the risk of respiratory problems.

If you’re like most people and neglect your nails when compared to other parts of your body, then it’s likely that they are brittle or unhealthy. Most nail care experts recommend that you do not just focus on one aspect and instead invest in both healthy diet and beauty products adequate for your new regime.

How To Hold The Nail Polish Brush?

A lot of people DIY their nails by brushing on classic UV or LED light dry polish. However, they tend to use a bit more lighter spots and do not cover the whole nail. This can create an unattractive looking paint job and make the nails feel delicate rather than sturdy and well-powdered up. In the end, you have a clear nail but with rough spots around it that need to be taken care of separately with nail products like base coats, top coats or cuticle oils.

You should never start painting your nails with a typical polish brush for your fingers because this may lead to too many bunches in your finish – as well as some burning of your skin contact points for holding the brush near for easier grabbing in order to make both hands more equal size.

01. train fit your nail train directly under your fingernail so that it’s between the skin on the tip of your cutlet and the underpart of your nail. Drag the nail train in one direction across the tip of your nail in short, sharp strokes. For a more rounded look, wind the nail train around the underpart of the corners of your fingernail. Always train in one direction, not back and forth. train until you have reached the asked length and shape.

02. Buff Grasp the buffer in the same way you would your nail train and gently rub it over the top of your nail in short strokes. Work from your cuticle to the tip, buffing in one direction only.

03. Cuticles You can moreover use acuticle quieter or regular body embrocation( hint embrocation works best after soaking in a shower or bath). Apply the embrocation to your cuticles and rub them with your pointer cutlet. After you have rubbed your cuticles down, brush them gently in one direction with a cuticle buffer or regular nail buffer.

  1. Wash & Prep After you have finished buffing your cuticles, wash your hands and scrape off any residue around your cuticles and under your nail.
  2. Base CoatSupport the cutlet of the nail- in- question with your thumb( or if you are filling your thumb- nail, support your thumb with your middle cutlet). Apply the base fleece starting at the cuticle. Allow the encounter to addict out over the nail as you brush it toward the tip. Always work from the left to the right of your nail, this way you’re sure not to miss a spot!
  3. Choose your color This is the delightful part! Inspired by the cool lavender polish featured in our June/ July Issue( Cool Off, pg. 19), we went with a also cool lavender tinge by Morgan Taylor.
  4. Prep the Brush Dip your encounter into the bottle. Drag the encounter up out of the bottle while wiping the encounter on the hem of the bottle. Withoutre-dipping the encounter, sluggishly wipe the other side of the encounter on the contrary side of the hem; pressing forcefully so the encounter slightly suckers. Continue to pull the encounter all the way out of the bottle while wiping the makeup off on the hem.
    The thing is to push the makeup toward the tip on one side of the encounter. When done successfully the encounter should have a slight crescent shape. This takes practice, but it’s the secret component to professionally manicured nails!
  5. First CoatSupport the cutlet of the nail- in- question with your thumb( if you are painting your thumb- nail, support your thumb with your middle cutlet). Starting at the cuticle, apply the tip of the encounter to your nail. Press down, allowing the encounter to addict out, and draw the encounter to the tip of your nail, again moving from left to right to get an indeed fleece.
  1. Alternate Coat After applying the first fleece to your fingernails on both hands, you may begin with the alternate fleece. reprise way 07 and 08.
  2. Sealing the TipsAfter applying the alternate fleece, go back to the left utmost tip of the nail and drag your encounter along the edge. This seals the the makeup off on the tip of the nail and prolongs the life of your manicure!
  3. Top CoatFollow step 05. and invest in a fast drying top fleece. Nothing is more frustrating also spending your entire night blowing on your hands, only to wake up with distance marks the coming morning! Once your nails are dry, step out into the world and enjoy feeling polished!

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